Our AI content detector is like a super-smart computer program that can tell you in a few seconds whether the content you pasted is written by AI, ChatGPT, GPT3, Jasper, Writesonic, Rytr, Simplified, Peppertype, Scalenut, Plagiarism Remover, Anyword, etc or written by a Human.

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Artificial intelligence is taking a very important role in content generation as more and more businesses are depending on AI models such as Jasper and Chat-GPT to create content for their businesses.

However, there is a major concern when it comes to the accuracy of AI generated content. Google search’s algorithm does not rank AI generated content favorably and there is a genuine reason for this.

A lot of people will use online content to help them make simple yet crucial decisions. Let’s say that someone experiences symptoms of an illness and they conduct a Google search to make a quick self-diagnosis. If the individual finds AI generated content on the internet and makes a decision using these results, they may end up making an inaccurate diagnosis.

AI generated content is sometimes incorrect and cannot be relied on to offer the best assistance to people who are relying on your content to make informed decisions.

Therefore, there is a need to differentiate between human generated content and AI generated content. This is where our AI Content detector comes in.

What Does an AI Content Detector Do?

An AI content detector is a tool anyone can use to find out whether a piece of content has been generated by an AI model such as Jasper or Chat GPT. AI detectors can also show you what part of the content has been generated by AI.

Our AI content detector provides you with instant results and lets you know how much of your content has been generated by AI.

What Is the Difference Between an AI Content Generator and an AI Content Detector?

It is important to know the difference between an AI content generator and an AI content detector.


An AI Content Generator is a tool that creates written content such as articles, emails from scratch.

Marketers and content creators use tools and APIs such as Jasper, Writesonic, Copysmith and Article Forge to generate articles and other forms of written content for their blogs and businesses.


An AI Content Detector is a tool that detects whether content has been written by a human being or it has been generated by AI. Our AI Content Detector is an example of such a tool.

Search engines often favor human generated content when they index and present search results to their users. Every business should know how important SEO is and therefore it should invest in quality human written content. This is where AI Content Detectors come into place.

The ability to differentiate between human written content and AI generated content is therefore crucial if you want your business information to have a good reputation among your readers.

How Does an AI Content Detector Work?

AI content detectors utilize a combination of natural language patterns and machine learning to identify and cite whether an AI has been used to generate written content.

An AI content detector also shows you what percentage of your content has been generated by AI.

Our online AI content detector is free to use for individuals. It offers you instant feedback on whether your content has elements of AI in it.

Does Our Online AI Content Detector Store My Data?

An AI Content Detector does not store your data on any servers. AI Content detectors use provided parameters to gauge whether your content is AI generated. This process does not involve the storage of any user data.

What Languages Are Supported By AI Content Detectors?

Our AI Content Detector currently supports content written in the English language. Our tool can however evaluate content written in popular locales of the English language i.e. US, UK, Canada and Australian.

Features of Our AI Content Detector

Our AI Content Detector tool is very easy to use with a simple interface.

It’s free to use. You don’t need to sign in or create an account to use our tool. Just paste your text into the text and check whether it has elements of AI in it. You can also see a detection score for your content.

Our tool allows you to check up to 300 words at a time. You are only allowed to check 1,500 per analysis. If you have a large amount of text to check, divide your work into parts with each part being 300 words each.

How to Use Our AI Content Detector


To access our online AI content detector tool, click on this link.

visit our website

Now You can paste your content into the larger textbox below it to detect AI content.

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  • Once you have pasted your text into the textbox, click on the Check content button below the textbox to run your analysis for AI generated content.
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  • The tool also has a detection score to show you what percentage of your text is AI generated.
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    Our AI detection tool is not 100% accurate in detecting AI generated content. If our tool gives you a very high detection score and you generated the content from scratch, it is likely that your writing style resembles AI models’ style of writing.

    Who Can Use Our AI Content Detector?

    Our tool can be used by anyone who wants to find out whether their content resembles AI generated content.

    Content creators and marketers can use our tool to check whether their content exhibits patterns found in AI generated text. They can utilize this knowledge to remain on safer side of search engine algorithms.